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Meaningful Life Occupational Therapy (MLOT) is a small, specialised Occupational Therapy team servicing the Toowoomba area. MLOT is comprised of two Occupational Therapists, Megan and Laura, who work together to ensure the best outcomes for clients. We primarily work in the NDIS space and specialise in psychosocial disability (mainly mental health).


MLOT specialises in providing Occupational Therapy to adults in the Toowoomba area with psychosocial disabilities to improve their occupational performance to work towards set goals.


Please note we are not an NDIS registered business so can only see Plan and Self-Managed Participants

Functional Assessment

Sensory Assessment

SIL/SDA Assessment

OT Treatment Sessions

Who we are

Laura and Megan are tertiary qualified and highly experienced Occupational Therapists in Toowoomba. Both have extensive experience within the NDIS space and specialise in the area of mental health and psychosocial disabilities.

MLOT is a mobile Occupational Therapy Provider, we come to you and love seeing you in your own home where you are most comfortable and where you complete your everyday activities. We can also meet you at other places in the community where you spend time or participate in activities. We aim to link in with your other supports to learn about you and share our knowledge of how your disability impacts your function and how to best meet your needs.

Laura and Megan work closely together and support each other combining their knowledge and expertise to provide each participant with an individual plan and client centred approach to working towards your goals.

MLOT can support participants who have NDIS plans (plan/self-managed) in the areas of “Improved Daily Living” and “Assistance with daily life”. We work with YOU on YOUR goals to ensure you are getting the most out of your NDIS plan and have the support and opportunities to ensure the best outcomes and quality of life for you. This often involves an initial meeting, a functional assessment, a report, a block of therapy and regular liaison with your support team.

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